• Day Rotation

    Monday -June 12 - A Day

    Tuesday - June 13 - Finals schedule

    Wednesday - June 14 Finals schedule

    Thursday - June  15  - Finals Schedule

    Friday - June  16 - Finals Schedule

    Mahopac Middle School
  • Modified Sports Forms Accepted AFTER August 5

    The Nurse will start accepting Modified Sports forms on August 5. Please drop off these forms in the Main Office.

    Mahopac Middle School
  • Summer Camp -- PNW BOCES

    Attached please find information regarding Putnam/Northern Westchester Boces Summer Camp opportunities

    Mahopac Middle School
  • Summer Reading List and Outline

    The Summer Reading List and outline are attached below.  

    Mahopac Middle School
  • APP Fitness Test Appointments for HS Fall Sports

    Any athlete that will be in 8th grade in the fall and interested in trying out for a fall HS sport, please check with the nurse regarding your physical and the proper paper work. The school doctor will be at the MS on May 31. Please make an appointment with the school nurse. The APP Fitness test will be in the beginning of June.

    Mahopac Middle School

    Attached please find a flyer with information regarding the BOCES SUMMER TECH CAMP

    Mahopac Middle School

    Attached please find a  flyer with information about the YANKEE CANDLE FUNDRAISER.  

    Mahopac Middle School
  • Vaping and E-Cig information

    In conjunction with National Kick Butts Day, March 15th, Mr. Augusta, the high school principal, and I are taking the opportunity to raise awareness regarding the health effects of tobacco and nicotine product usage, and the growing vaping market among our community’s youth. Recent research indicates that the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), including personal refillable vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and vape pens has dramatically increased nationally among middle school and high school students.

    The long term health effects of using ENDS are relatively unknown.  The health effects of ENDS may not be limited to users and ENDS aerosol is not “water vapor.” It contains nicotine and can contain additional toxins, and thus, is not safe.  As with conventional tobacco products, nicotine itself is not without risk. Nicotine is addictive and nicotine exposure during certain periods of development can impair the development of brain circuits and neurons, changing the way the brain works. Also an increasingly popular method of ENDS use is to self-mix the e-liquid—both the nicotine content and the flavorings (e.g., fruit, mint, or chocolate)—prior to use which makes its safety more questionable. (Center for Disease Control, April 2015).  

    As always, student safety is our priority and we have attached several informational documents for parents with regard to ENDS. Please remember that school policy states that possession of tobacco products and/or products containing nicotine are prohibited on school grounds.  This includes, but is not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, vapors, and vaping liquids.

    Mahopac Middle School
  • Google Parent tutorial

    Attached please find a tutorial for Google  parent use.  



    Mahopac Middle School
  • Putnam County Department of Health School Vaccination Survey

    On behalf of Dr. Michael Nesheiwat, PCDOH Commissioner of Health, we would appreciate your feedback about the Putnam County Department of Health school flu vaccination process. The attachment below will bring you to a brief Parent Satisfaction Survey. We are requesting input from all parents/guardians, whether your child participated in the flu clinic or not.



    Mahopac Middle School

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