Grades 6,7,8

Ms. Leo


A-C, SK1A/Grade 14

845-621-1330 ext. 12602


Grades 6,7,8

Mrs. Pugliese



845-621-1330 ext. 12603

Grades 6,7,8

Mrs. Powers



845-621-1330 ext. 12604

Grades 6,7,8

Mr. Reda



845-621-1330 ext. 12601

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Tom Cozzocrea, Principal 

Mrs. Arlene Alosco



Mrs. Holly O’Connor  

Allyson Fallman, Assistant Principal 

Mrs. O’Connor

Grade 6 

Team A and B A-L

Grade 7 

Patrick Keevins, Assistant Principal

Mrs. O’Connor 

Grade 6 Team B M-Z 

Team C 

Grade 8 


Need Help? Academic Support for Middle School Students

  • Stay after with your teacher: All teachers stay after at least one day a week to provide additional support for their students.  Know your teachers’ “extra help” day.  Extra help is an opportunity to ask questions about material you are having difficulty with.  It is not to be used as a place to complete homework.


  • Attend the Homework Center: If you are the type of student who likes to get most of your work out of the way before heading home, consider using the “Homework Center”. It is located in the library and supervised by two of our teaching assistants, with help from NJHS students.   The Homework Center is available Monday-Thursday after school.  Students work independently in a quiet setting.


  • Attend the Learning Center :   This program is for students who would benefit from some tutoring help while completing their homework.  Supervised by two teaching assistants, it is also supported by NJHS student volunteers and other 7th and 8th grade student tutors who have been recommended by their teachers.  The program meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school in room 238.


  • Utilize Online Resources: There are a wealth of online resources students can access.  For math, check out the “Math Help Resources” under the “Students” tab on our website.  Our middle school library put together a list of “Digital Resources” to give you access to a variety of online resources in all subject areas.


Outside of school help:  The Mahopac Public Library has high school students provide HOMEWORK HELP for students in grades 1-8 on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 4:30 -6:30 PM and Saturdays 12:00 – 2:00 PM in the Lake View Room on the first floor.  This is a drop-in program and no registration is needed. Contact the library at 845-628-2009 ext. 139 for additional information.