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Finding the area or perimeter of a shape -


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Games for math, language arts, geography and history, sports and arts and music -

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Grades K-8 fun games, exciting exercises and interactive lessons -

Grades K-6, a publisher’s website with great math activities -

Grades K-8 math games (on-line), printable math games, worksheets. Topics include fractions, decimals, integers, exponents, inequalities, percents and square roots -

All grade levels. Games and activities in the 4 core subjects (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies). Teacher created jeopardy games such as fractions and geometry and vocabulary (grades 5 and 8 also below the chart on the home page, click on “younger students” and games and activities in the four core subjects -

Games, activities, and resources for multiplication -

All levels of math games and activities, thinking activities and jigsaw puzzles. Includes basic facts, fractions, order of operations, pre-algebra and algebra -